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BR Birthday Party in October

Publication date :2015-10-29 14:11

Author:Rocket Electronics

Views :8516


      With No. 1 workshop’s well planned, the party opened warmly. After compere announcing the opening, a modern version of The Moonlight Treasure Box was in play with bursts of laughter. Audiences were impressed by actors’ high quality of performance                                                                                                                               


Enter the Game Time with joyful atmosphere

 Enter the Cash Draw Time. Chairman Li of Labor Union extracted several lucky fellows from present birthday persons and sent lucky red envelopes to them.

 Enter the Birthday Cake Time. Lighting birthday candles and singing Happy Birthday together.

         Finally all birthday persons got special presents from company to end the Birthday Party reluctantly.

The Birthday Party had a happy ending with best wishes again.

Wish everyone work well with good health.