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BR Birthday Party in December

Publication date :2016-01-06 16:47

Author:Rocket Electronics

Views :7901

     The Birthday Party was held together with Christmas Party on Christmas Day by company's Labor Union and Youth League Committee and undertook by Youth League branch of No. 2 Workshop. The whole meeting place was full of Christmas atmosphere and Father Christmas was dispatching little presents like apples and candies before the opening of the party. All staff found pleasure in it.

Below are the activity highlights:

    Father Christmas was dispatching presents


Brilliant performances :


Strongly support for the party from leaders

Secretary Zhang’s birthday is also in this month and she sang a The Moonlight in the Lotus Pond. The singing was so wonderful that everyone called out for one more.

 Chairman Li of Labor Union even presented a Redness from the Plateau in the Party.

 A variety of exciting games in the Party

 Cash Draw Part and congratulations to our lucky winners

 Last to the happy parts of wishing, blowing out candles and eating cakes

 Thanks for everyone’s contribution in front of and behind the camera.

The party was come to a happy termination.

 Once again wish everyone happy birthday, good health and living in interesting times!